KONOSO, the Journal of Aegean Bronze Age Studies, is an academic journal in the field of Bronze Age studies focused on the Bronze Age syllabaries Minoan Linear A, Mycenaean Linear B and Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, as well as on the Bronze Age civilizations in Minoan Crete, with specific reference to the Minoan capital, Knossos, and to Mycenae and the Mycenaeans.  Aegean studies on the Cycladic civilization and pre-Minoan and Mycenaean studies are also covered. To be updated, more to come. This is merely a tentative introductory text. Vol. 1 of this annual journal will be published in late 2020. 

Richard Vallance and Alexandre Solcà


Richard Vallance Janke, Editor-in-Chief (University of Western Ontario)

Alexandre Solcà, Associate Editor-in-Chief ( Université de Genève )

Associate Editors:

Spyros Bakas (University of Warsaw)/ John Bengtson, University of Minnesota/ Julia Binnberg, University of Oxford, Classical Archaeology/ Nic Fields, University of Newcastle, England/ Roman Koslenko, Mykolaiv National University & National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine/ Haris Koutelakis, Kapodistrian University of Athens/ Francesco Perono Cacciafoco (Nanyang Technological University)/ Ginny Hicks (John Hopkins University)/ Philipp Schwinghammer (Universität Leipzig)

Assistant Editors: Rita Roberts

(Haghia Triada, soon to acquire her B.A.)/ Olivier Simon( Université de Lorraine )


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