Guidelines for submissions

Guidelines for Submissions to KONOSO, the Journal of Aegean Bronze Age Studies
README! KONOSO the Journal of Aegean Bronze Age Studies is now calling for submissions for Vol. 1 2020. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Deadline for submissions has been postponed for an indefinite period. It is possible that the deadline may be April 30 2021, but this is not guaranteed.
A: GENERAL GUIDELINES: 1. Submissions for journal articles may range from 10 to 20 pages, exclusive of references and notes and the bibliography, which are accepted as addenda to any journal article submitted. Because English is the lingua franca in all disciplines of international scientific research, including archaeology and ancient linguistics, journal articles submitted should be in English, to reach the widest possible international audience. For submissions guidelines for the proper formatting of References and Notes, and Bibliographies, see C: References and Notes, and Bibliographies below. 2. Journal articles must have an attention-grabbing Title, Abstract and Keywords, in the following formats: The Mycenaean Linear B “Rosetta Stone” to Minoan Linear A Tablet HT 31 (Haghia Triada) Vessels and Pottery ABSTRACT In partnership with The Association of Historical Studies, Koryvantes (Athens), we address past and current prospects for the decipherment of the Minoan language, which has never met with any credible success in the 117 years since the first discovery of Minoan Linear A tablets by Sir Arthur Evans at Knossos in 1900. A considerable number of philologists and historical linguists, some of them amateurs, claim to have deciphered the Minoan language, yet no one has ever formulated a convincing decipherment. We advance a unique and entirely untested approach to unravelling the text of Minoan Linear A tablet HT 31 (Haghia Triada), based on the principle of cross-correlative retrogressive extrapolation (CCRE) from Mycenaean Linear B to Linear A. HT 31 so closely parallels Mycenaean Linear B tablet, Pylos Py TA 641-1952 (Ventris) that the latter effectively serves as a kind of Rosetta Stone” for the former. There is also credible evidence that a Mycenaean derived superstratum imposed itself on Linear A as the result of the Mycenaean conquest of Knossos and Crete ca. 1500 – 1450 BCE or, failing that, their all but absolute suzerainty over Knossos and its dependencies. Approximately 200 or 23.7 % of 847 intact words in Linear A are very likely of Mycenaean origin. KEYWORDS: MINOAN, LINEAR A, DECIPHERMENT, SYLLABARIES, CROSS-CORRELATIVE RETROGRESSIVE EXTRAPOLATION (CCRE), POTTERY, LINEAR B, IDEOGRAMS, SUPERSYLLABOGRAMS, SUPERSTRATUM, MYCENAEAN GREEK  3. Journal articles in the following disciplines are eligible for submission: (a) diachronic linguistics in the Aegean hieroglyphic scripts such as Cretan hieroglyphics,the Aegean syllabaries, Linear A, Mycenaean Linear B and Arcado-Cypriot Linear C (b) Aegean figures, symbols and scripts in roundels, nodules and seals (c) archaeological research supporting (a) and (b) above, such as findings in Linear A from Haghia Triada, Khania, Iouktas, Malia Phaistos, Zakros, etc. for Linear A; and Knossos, Pylos, Mycenae, Thebes etc. for Linear B, as well as any provenances for Linear C. (c) research based agricultural commodities and livestock, the military, religious iconography, textiles and vessels and pottery supporting or any combination of these or (d) any other research related to (a) and (b) above.  Journal articles dealing exclusively with any other ancient Middle East scripts, such as Egyptian hieroglyphics, Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform, Hittite and Ugaritic are not acceptable for submission, unless they elicit explicit comparison(s) with any of the eligible disciplines outlined in 3. above.  4. The text of each journal article must be set in Times New Roman 12 point (the font of these Guidelines). Paragraphs are to be separated from one another by a blank line. If there are any words or phrases in any foreign language font(s), the font(s) must be submitted in TTF format along with the submission. All such fonts must be attached, e.g. SpIonic, Linear A, Linear B, Linear C, French, German, Spanish etc. For Greek language words or phrases, only the SpIonic TTF font is accepted. If you do not have access to the Linear A, B and C fonts, we can supply them to you. Simply contact the Associate Editor-in-Chief, Richard Vallance Janke at to request the font(s) you require, with the Subject: Linear FONTS 5. All submissions must be unpublished, i.e. no submission can be previously published in any venue whatsoever (books, journal articles, journal articles, conference proceedings etc.). 6. All submissions must be sent in WORD .doc or docx format, and paginated with the page numbers in Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4 etc.) at the bottom centre. 7. A submission must not include Tables and Figures within the text of the journal article. For instructions for the submission of Tables and Figures, see B: Tables and Figures below. Tables and Figures must be of the highest quality possible, and may be in colour. See also examples of Tables and Figures at the end of these Submission Guidelines. 8. Footnotes within the text of the journal article must be numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4 etc.) and must be superscripted in BOLD, as illustrated here: Joseph Alexander Mac-Gillivray claims to have deciphered Linear A. 1 Pavel Serafamov and Anton Perdih have advance their own decipherment of Linear A tablet HT 13 (Haghia Triada) 2.  The actual footnotes as superscripted within the text of the journal article must appear at the end of the article, immediately preceding References and Notes and the Bibliography. 

1 In his review of Minoan Mantras, The quiet decipherment of Linear A 1, Joseph Alexander Mac-Gillivray cites several failed attempts to decipher the language.

2 Pavel Serafamov and Anton Perdih, in their Translation of the Linear A Tablet HT 13 from Crete 6, have made a concerted effort to cross-correlate their contextual reading of Minoan Linear A tablet HT 13 (Haghia Triada) with proto-Slavic.

9. There may be more than one author per submission. If there is more than one author, and one author is the primary author, that authors name must be listed first, followed by all other authors names in alphabetical order at the end of the article submitted, immediately preceding References and Notes and the Bibliography.

10. Authors submitting journal articles must include a brief mini-bio as a separate file in WORD .doc or .docx indicating their institutional affiliation and the last degree obtained, as illustrated here:

Spyros Bakas, M.A., post-graduate, University of Warsaw

Richard Vallance Janke, University of Western Ontario, M.L.A. Emeritus

Alexandre Solcà, M.A. Program, Université de Genève

Haris Koutelakis, Ph. D., Kapodistrian University of Athens

Olivier Simon, Ph.D., Université de Lorraine, independent researcher, PIE

11. The editors of Aux Éditions Konoso Press are eligible to submit journal articles, but they are also subject to the strict submissions guidelines applicable to everyone else. Any editor who submits a journal article cannot participate in the evaluation of his or her submission. A majority of the other editors assessing the submission of any other single editors submission will apply the strict guidelines for manuscript submissions, and accept or reject any single editors submission accordingly.

12. Please send all submissions to Spyros Bakas, Editor-in-Chief and Richard Vallance Janke, Associate Editor-in-Chief at:

B: Tables and Figures:

Tables and Figures must be attached separately from the text of the journal article submitted, and must be of the highest possible quality and in .jpg format only. Text in the following format must be inserted within the text of the journal article for each Table and Figure, CENTERED, exactly where it is to be inserted:
INSERT Figure 1 here:
followed by the title of the Figure


INSERT Figure 1 here:
Figure 1
Linear A tablet, HT 31, Haghia Triada, dealing with pottery and vessels


INSERT Table 2 here:
followed by the title of the Table 

INSERT Table 2 here:
Table 2
Table of Linear A words on Linear A tablet HT 31, Haghia Triada

C: References and Notes, and Bibliographies:

The following guidelines apply:

C.1: References and Notes:


References and Notes at the end of the article, immediately preceding the bibliography, must cite the exact Bibliography entry to which they refer, citing page number(s) where applicable. The tag n.d. = no publication date available.

1. See Bibliography (PDF), Macgillivray, Joseph. 
n.d. = no available publication date 
2. See Bibliography (PDF), Rendsburg, Gary. 1982 , pg. 56
3. See Bibliography (PDF), Connolly, Sam. n.d. 
4. See Bibliography, Harris, Stuart L. n.d. 
5. See Bibliography, Campbell-Dunn, C.J.K. 2014, pg. 12 
6. See Bibliography (PDF), Serafimov, Pavel & 
Perdih, Anton. n.d. 
7. See Bibliography, Janke, Richard Vallance. 2014, pg.141 
8. See Bibliography, Janke, Richard Vallance. 
9. See Bibliography, Luján, Eugenio R. 2010, pg. 43 
10. See Bibliography, Facchetti G. M. 1994, pg. 24 
11. See Bibliography, Younger, John G. 2015 
12. See Bibliography, Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn, et al. 2009, pg 189 
13. See Bibliography, Mosenkis, Urii. 2017. 

Bibliographies cannot exceed 50 entries.

Wherever possible, ABBREVIATIONS for frequently cited international major publications, books, journals, conference proceedings should be inserted immediately after References and Notes, immediately following the title Bibliography. to avoid having to spell them out in the actual Bibliography,  as illustrated here:



AJA American Journal of Archaeology 
ANCL L’Antiquité classique 
A&S Archaeology and Science (Belgrade) 
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1963. Special Edition for Sandpiper Books Ltd.,© 1998. xiii, 488 pp. 
PASI Pasiphae: Rivista di filologia e antichità egee 

followed by the BIBLIOGRAPHY:

The following conventions apply to the Bibliography:

A: All citations originally in PRINT format (whether they are journal articles, periodical or journal articles or conference proceedings) must be listed in strict alphabetical order by author or authors names, followed by the year of publication for each entry, in ascending order (e.g. 1997, 2002, 2016):, with book titles italicized, as follows, with source enumerated in ascending numerical order:    

1. Alexiou, Stylianos and Brice, William C. 1976A silver pin from Platanos with an inscription in Linear A: Her. Mus. 498, KADM 15:18–27. 
2. Bennett E. L. 1950Fractional Quantities in Minoan book-keeping, AJA 54: 204–222. 
3. Chadwick, J. 1958
The Decipherment of Linear B. Cambridge University Press. 
4. Chadwick, J. and Ventris, M. 1953, 2015
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5. del Freo, Maurizio, Nosch, Marie-Louise and Rougemont, Françoise 2010The Terminology of Textiles in the Linear B Tablets, Including Considerations on Linear A Logograms and Abbreviations”, pp. 338-373, in Textile Terminologies in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean from the Third to First Millennia BC. Oxbow Books. 
6. García, C. V. 2002-2003Industria y comercio en la sociedad Micénica, MINR: 11-37. 
7. Janke, R. V. 2016An Archaeologist’s Translation of Pylos Tablet TA 641-1952, with an Introduction to Supersyllabograms in the Vessels & Pottery Sector in Mycenaean Linear B, Archaeology and Science, No. 10 (2014): 133-161. 
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15. Ventris, M. and Chadwick, J. 1973
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Cambridge University Press. (2nd. Edition) 2 Vols. 


All citations originally in ELECTRONIC format, including PDF, must be listed in strict alphabetical order by author or authors names, as follows:

1. Evans, Sir A. 1909
Scripta Minoa: The Written Documents of Minoan Crete with Special Reference to the Archives of Knossos. University of Heidelberg.
2. Filippou, C. 2014
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3. Lewyckyj, Oksana 2014-2015
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4. Melena, J. L. 1974
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of Oil in the .pdf: 89-123 
5. Serafimov, Pavel & Perdih, Anton., n.d. 
Translation of the Linear A Tablet HT 13 from Crete. 
6. Ventris , M.
The Ventris Papers. Institute of Classical Studies (Series: Collections and Projects: ICS (Michael Ventris Archive). London: University of London, School of Advanced Study. Duplicate copy at Austin: University of Texas. 36.

Examples of Figures:


bFigure 10 What is the Minoan Linear A word for figs

cFigure 13 Plyos tablet Py TA An 657 eqeta